Episode #46: Physiotherapist to Yoga Anatomy Teacher (Michael’s Story Part 2)

This is a truly inspiring story of following one’s passions, taking risks, and pursuing a life of purpose and fulfillment!

Listen to the extraordinary journey of your host, Michael.

Who went from physiotherapist to yoga anatomy teacher and all the incredible steps between.In today’s episode, Michael shares his personal story that spans the past 10 years. From graduating in Australia as a professional physiotherapist
To working as a physio in his hometown in Canada.

Then setting up his own physiotherapy department for complex care. Before traveling around Asia as a travel vlogger And managing an eco-lodge in Costa Rica. Plus becoming a nomadic nutrition coach and entrepreneur. Then eventually finding his way to Bali and beginning his journey into yoga. His path to becoming a yoga anatomy teacher is quite unique that you should really hear it for yourself!

In case you missed it Michael’s Story Pt.1 is Episode 39 of the Going Pro Yoga Podcast.

  • (00:41) Introduction to Michael’s Story Pt.2
  • (02:15) My First Physiotherapy Job
  • (04:03) The Orthopaedic Clinic And Post Surgery Patients
  • (05:56) Big Corporate Physiotherapy – The Business Issues
  • (07:44) Private Physiotherapy For Motor Accident Rehab Patients
  • (10:00) Setting Up My Own Physiotherapy Department and Clinic
  • (12:15) Complex Care Cases (Physical Injuries And Emotional/Mental Injuries Too)
  • (14:27) The First Influence Of Yoga…
  • (16:58) Making Travel Plans And Leaving Canada
  • (18:54) My Attempt At Being A Travel Vlogging Youtube Star
  • (20:56) My First Trip To Bali And First Yoga Class
  • (23:49) Second Trip To Bali And The True Start Of My Yoga Journey
  • (25:01) Costa Rica Adventures Managing An Eco Lodge
  • (28:18) Moving To Bali Permanently And Creating A Nutrition Coaching Business
  • (30:55) Why I Quit My Nutrition Business
  • (33:19) Taking Time To My Business Passion
  • (35:12) Finding Yoga Anatomy And Helping Yoga Teachers
  • (38:06) My Journey Into Becoming A Yoga Teacher
  • (42:06) Finding My Passion In Yoga Anatomy
  • (43:09) The Birth Of Going Pro
  • (46:00) The Start Of The Going Pro Online Platform
  • (47:20) Coming Full Circle And Sharing Going Pro With You

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