Episode #45: How to Practice Yoga with a Knee injury

Knee injuries are incredibly common in yoga.

Understanding how to modify, and adjust your practice and your teaching is absolutely essential. By gaining this knowledge you will protect your students and your own knees. In today’s episode of The Going Pro Yoga Podcast, we discuss knee injuries and issues. We dive deep into adjustments and modifications, to allow safe practice with a knee injury. Unfortunately, knee injuries are very common in yoga.

Plus miscueing, misalignments and misunderstanding of the knee joint are common in most yoga classes. We discuss the anatomy of the knee. So you can understand why these common misalignments occur. And we share the ideal and appropriate modifications and adjustments you can use to correct these. Especially from a yoga teaching perspective, this is critical, must know information. To protect yourself and your students from long term knee problems.

And to avoid causing any knee injuries in your classes.

  • (01:00) Introduction, How To Practice Yoga With A Knee Injury
  • (01:57) Anatomy Of The Knee Joint
  • (02:56) Chronic And Acute Knee Injuries – The Differences
  • (03:52) General Adjustments And Modifications To Support Your Knees
  • (05:03) Teaching Tips For Knee Injuries
  • (08:37) Props And Modifications For The Knees
  • (11:09) Understanding The Knee Anatomy Deeper – What’s Causing The Pain
  • (12:45) Why You Need To Flex Your Foot
  • (13:53) The Importance Of Foot Placement In Standing Poses For Your Knees
  • (15:25) Tree Pose – The Common Knee Issue

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