Episode #44: How to Practice Yoga with an Ankle Injury

Do you or your students have an ankle injury but still want to practice yoga?

Then this is the podcast episode for you!
In today’s episode of The Going Pro Yoga Podcast, we discuss chronic ankle injuries and acute ankle injuries. We give the top tips and advice on how to practice yoga with an ankle injury. How to help boost recovery and healing through your yoga practice.

And we discuss how best to approach teaching students that have ankle injuries.
What modifications and adjustments you can give. Plus, some explanation of the anatomy and what’s actually happening inside your ankle joint. Ankle injuries are incredibly common in sports and yoga.

If you’re a yoga teacher, this is super valuable information that could help your students one day!

  • (01:23) Introduction, Student And Teachers Perspective
  • (02:38) Chronic Ankle Injuries – Scar Tissue
  • (04:22) Hurt Vs Harm Concept
  • (05:52) Overcoming And Breaking Down Scar Tissue
  • (07:29) Understanding Hurt Vs Harm In Your Self Practice
  • (08:34) Acute (New/Fresh) Ankle Injuries – How To Adjust Your Practice
  • (10:29) Understanding The Anatomy Of Ankle Injuries
  • (13:25) Balancing Poses To Strengthen The Ankle
  • (14:07) Teacher’s Perspective – How To Approach Students With Ankle Injuries
  • (15:17) Teaching Tips And Modifications For Students

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