Episode #43: Benefits of Practicing Acro Yoga with Caspian Burrell

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to practice yoga whilst in the air?

In today’s episode we cover the benefits of AcroYoga.

AcroYoga can improve your yoga practice, relationships and interpersonal skills. In this episode Michael hosts Caspian Burrell, an AcroYoga and Yoga Teacher based in Bali. Caspian shares his personal journey into teaching AcroYoga.

We discuss topics like:
How you can learn and progress in a safe way. How to avoid injuries. How AcroYoga can help recover from injuries too! Caspian shares a long list of benefits that AcroYoga offers, and how it’s different from Yoga. We discussed the following topics:

  • (01:20) Caspian Burrell Introduction
  • (02:18) Caspian’s Story and Journey from Aerospace Engineer to AcroYoga Teacher
  • (03:45) Travels in Asia and finding Yoga
  • (05:52) Why Yoga? What was the attraction to yoga as a male…
  • (07:23) Studying Yoga in Rishikesh, India
  • (10:02) Finding AcroYoga through Tinder…
  • (10:33) What is AcroYoga?
  • (13:32) What is an AcroYoga Jam?
  • (17:20) Why you should try AcroYoga
  • (20:43) How AcroYoga and Yoga are similar and also different
  • (21:58) Playfulness as adults, and how AcroYoga unleashes your inner child
  • (25:22) Ego and how it manifests in Yoga and in Acro
  • (28:03) Naming your ego, Hi Lenny!
  • (29:05) Physical benefits of practicing AcroYoga (Basing)
  • (32:15) Building Stability and helping with injuries recovery and prevention
  • (35:18) Benefits of Flying in AcroYoga (Flyer)
  • (37:47) Injuries in Acro, prevention, awareness, safety and managing fear
  • (38:50) Spotters and their role in Safety in Acro practices
  • (42:26) The AcroYoga Show – how to get started and learn more about AcroYoga
  • (44:25) AcroSpirit – Connect with our Instagram, come join our events in Bali

To find out more about AcroYoga and how you can get started yourself, head to the following links.

You can find a lot of informative, fun and even free tutorials at The AcroYoga Show.
The AcroYoga Show:

Plus you can connect via instagram with AcroSpirit or Caspian to get inspiration.
Connect with the AcroSpirit Instagram:
Connect with Caspian’s on Instagram:
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Check out the AcroSpirit Website:

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