Episode #41: How to Teach Yoga in a Gym Environment

How can you make gym/fitness students fall in love with your yoga classes?

Teaching yoga in a gym environment can be incredibly challenging and difficult, but can also lead to much more rewarding results! Like giving an amazing first impression of yoga as a practice, and really changing the course of somebody’s life…

In this episode of the Going Pro Nugget Series, Michael Henri and Byron de Marsé discuss their top tips for teaching yoga in a gym environment.

They cover the following topics:

  • (01:26) The differences of the environment (gym vs yoga studio).
  • (02:53) Distractions, attitudes and experience of gym students compared to yoga students.
  • (05:10) How to avoid demonstrating every single pose.
  • (10:11) Managing your expectations, and seeking reward as a yoga teacher.
  • (11:52) Adapting your teaching style, and optimising your communication and language to your audience.
  • (15:04) Example language for yoga cueing in a gym environment.
    And much more…

This episode is specifically about gym environments, but a lot of the information, guidance and advice is applicable to yoga teaching in general, and different environments. Some of these tips are absolutely essential skills for you to have if you’re wanting to start ‘Going Pro’ as a yoga teacher.

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