Episode #35: How to Avoid Burnout with Byron de Marsé

“I’m so burnt out. I’ve completed exhausted myself.”

Why is this conversation so common in the yoga community? How do we fill ourselves up? How can we sustain our work? If you’re teaching 15 classes a week (which is a lot), then that’s probably around 20 hours per week.

Most full time jobs are 40 hours per week. So if you really think about it, are we just that lazy where 20 hours per week is too much work?

Or is the work exhausting And what is it ABOUT the work that is exhausting? Is there a way to shift or change things that so that it’s not exhausting and the work can actually fill you up?

In this episode, Byron shares his wisdom around the topic of avoiding burnout as he experienced it during his 2nd year of working as a Yoga Teacher. There are many lessons to be learned from this episode regardless of your profession. When applied, these lessons can energize you and dramatically change your life.

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