Episode #33 – Shoulder Anatomy Stabilization, Coordination and Injury Prevention

Who HASN’T had issues with their shoulders?

The thing that isn’t common is what causes most issues in the shoulder While most of us are not “anatomists”, you don’t need to be in order to understand some of the basics. Knowing the basics can save your shoulders in the long run.

Here are a few of the facts that Michael covers in this episode:

Shoulder muscles are smaller than most muscles in the body, and therefore fatigue easily. (Like when holding Warrior I or II for a long period)
Over 90% of shoulder injuries are muscle-related.
Most shoulder problems occur because of a lack of warm-up in preparation for a demanding task (or pose).

More importantly, through this audio-interactive episode, you’ll learn: How your shoulder works; and how to effectively cue movements near the shoulder to achieve a safe alignment that will feel good in your body and your student’s bodies.

In this episode, Michael breaks down the anatomy of the shoulder in a way that allows you to create a sense of awareness of what’s happening when you move. Consider this a guided body-movement-episode. If that’s even a thing. 🙂

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