Episode #32: Unrealistic Expectations put on Yoga Teachers

Yoga Teachers are don’t drink, swear, eat meat, or make mistakes.

Ha! That was hard enough to type let alone accept as truth. These are just a few of the unrealistic expectations that are put on Yoga Teachers. It’s true that as Yoga Teachers, we have a responsibility to help heal the world and inspire health and wellness through the practice, but not in such a way that doesn’t align with your wants, needs, or desires.

There’s also the idea that once you become a Yoga Teacher you ‘should’ automatically know how to fix people’s injuries or limitations. That’s a hard one to get over for a lot of new teachers, and I’m happy to say that I (Michael) break that one down to the point where you can sleep better at night knowing what your TRUE responsibilities are as a Yoga Teacher.

In this episode, Paul and Michael discuss the unrealistic expectations that the general population puts on Yoga Teachers. To be a certain way. To eat a certain way. To have a certain “energy” about them. While some of these traits may be true for some, they are not absolutes.


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