Episode #28: How to Do Pelvic Tilts – Techniques, Benefits, Variations

Posture is relatable to everyone.. and alignment is even more relatable and important for yogis and yoginis.

Most people don’t realize this, but both of these are STRONGLY controlled by the movement of your pelvis!

Whether you’re:

  • Sitting at a desk working and need to correct your posture…
  • Doing a sexy dance and shaking your hips and want to know how to move and flow more smoothly…
  • Focusing on adjusting your spine in yoga to ensure safety and prevention of injury, or
  • Trying to achieve the full expression of a pose, or Want to know how to re-align your hips

It can be SUPER confusing on what’s actually going on in your body and it can be challenging to understand what exactly do to, or how to do it.

In this short episode, Michael guides you through a simple process of finding your ‘neutral pelvic posture’. He’ll guide you through the exploration of your own pelvic movements, the muscles involved, and the influence it has on your spine and posture.

This unique style episode provides a focused concentration on how to better understand your body movement and create awareness around your core.

By the end, you will feel more equipped to answer questions related to pelvic movement, the pelvic loop (spirals of energy), and guide others through restoring a healthy pelvis and spinal posture.

You’ll also find the answers to questions like:

  • What’s an anterior tilt?
  • What’s a posterior tilt?
  • Which one should I be doing?
  • How do I do pelvic tilts?
  • How do I find my neutral posture?
  • Why are pelvic tilts important?
  • How do pelvic tilts relate to posture?

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