Episode #25: Mastering the Art of Stretching, Flexibility, and Mobility

“Flexibility is a false sense of mobility.”

Who doesn’t want to be more flexible, right? To be able to bend over, touch your toes; bend, and move without feeling stiffness, aches, and pains, to be able to move in ways that you could when you were younger.

And isn’t yoga FANTASTIC for stretching? (That’s pretty much all it is right… )

Most people believe that yoga is stretching, and when you stretch you become more flexible. And that’s the whole point, right?

Not at all! And if you’re a yoga teacher, it’s very important that you understand the difference between stretching, flexibility, and mobility!

Listen to this 24-minute episode where Michael breaks down the difference between flexibility, mobility, and stretching and ultimately how to do all three in a safe and effective way!

But more importantly, how to lead your classes in such a way as to support your students, and fully understand why, as yoga teachers, we cue certain movements or alignment points in particular poses. 

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