Episode #22: How to Make Eastern Yoga Accessible to the Western World with Byron de Marsé

It’s not easy to understand “Yoga” entirely because of its depth. 

Having originated in the Eastern world and migrating to the Western World, many powerful lessons have been lost on many of us.

While we understand some of these life-changing perspectives, the extent to which we can relate them to our audience can be challenging.

Yoga doesn’t have to be as complicated as it seems, and in this episode with Byron de Marsé, he shares his wisdom on how to connect the amazingness of the Eastern perspective of yoga to the modern-day world.

More importantly, how you can use simple language and experiences from your life to inspire and lead others.

Listen to this 45-minute episode to get a glimpse of the wisdom that comes from Byron’s 10,000 hours of teaching yoga. I wish we could have extended this episode even longer… and you’ll feel the same way once you jump in and listen!

While Byron gives us an inside look into his world, he also drops inspiring yet simple perspectives that, you’ll end up walking away from this episode feeling better than you did before.

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