Episode #20: How to Use Core Strength and Prevent Injuries in Your Body

Do you want to learn how important your core-muscles are?

Or better yet, which muscles ACTUALLY make up your core (It’s not what you think!)

Most people get this wrong and think it’s all about 6-pack abs and a tight stomach.

But let’s be honest… working on your core is not the most fun thing to do – In fact, it kind of sucks! (At least that’s how most people feel!)

– – –

Listen to this 31-minute episode to fully understand the importance of training core muscles.

Learn what the two fundamental core muscles that affect your standing balance AND your arm balances! We talk about how to train them, and how it will make a MASSIVE difference in your personal practice.

It’s also extremely beneficial to communicate these pointers with your students, so they can fully understand how a regular focus on core strengthening in yoga, can make such a HUGE difference with injury prevention and balance in the body!

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