Episode #19: When & How to Learn Hands-On-Adjustments as a New Yoga Teacher

Do you want to know how to do hands-on-adjustments?

Regardless of your response, after listening to this episode, you’ll become even more clear.

Hands-on-adjustments is BIG topic in yoga, and we want to make sure you have a solid foundation on a few important things to consider before you:

Start adjusting people.

Pay money to learn how to do it.
Decide if that’s something you want to include in your tool-box (cause you don’t have to)!

In this short episode, we answer a few common questions you’ve likely asked yourself about hands-on-adjustments.

Chances are this will be ONE of many episodes on this topic, so we started off by scratching the service and talking about some fundamentals for you to walk away with.

Listen in, and let us know if you have a follow-up question(s) as we’ll be sure to answer it/them, or discuss, on our next episode.

Give someone a hug today!


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