Episode #11: Hanalei Swan – The Unstoppable 13 Year Old International Fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, and Speaker (Rat Race Revolution Podcast)

The final member of The Unstoppable Family, Hanalei Swan. She is the daughter of two superhumans and two of our favorite guests, Rhonda Swan (check out her episode here) and Brian Swan (check out his episode here). If Superwoman and Wolverine were to have a child, it would be Hanalei Swan.

Only 13 years old, Hanalei is an international fashion designer, artist, author, international speaker & founder of 3 companies. She started traveling the world before she knew how to walk. Thanks to her uniquely diverse upbringing, she has experienced different countries, cultures, and communities around the world and has a powerful perspective about the world. She values the importance of sustainable living, diversity, and working with others, not against them.

Brent and Hanalei talk about her unusual upbringing and how it shaped her to be the incredibly talented and gifted human she is today. She’s less than half my age but twice as wise. Hanalei grasps many life lessons that I am only starting to understand and has a maturity far beyond her age.

Hanalei shares a few of the challenges she faced that are not typical of growing up in the world today. She is one of the most inspiring human beings that I have ever spoken with. Hanalei has renewed my hope in the next generation and is no doubt a leading individual of her generation.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional episode for unparalleled inspiration.

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